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Mike was working as assistant during summer vacation, and found pretty girl named Jennifer at the store. He was shy but he finally asked her out. He was so happy and excited about it. On the dating day, he was kind of late because of the traffic jam. He backed to his home and changed his clothes. When he was trying to take a bus, he noticed that he has left his money at home! He backed to his home again, but his parent was out and his house key was in the house! He climbed the tree and got his money and run to the bus station. Suddenly police car stopped at him and tried to take him to the police station. He explained that he lived that house again and again. He was so late and Jennifer wasn’t there. She was so angry. He called her over and over, and wrote a letter that said “Can we begin again? Please?” She wasn’t angry any more. They have dinner together. This book was cute. I like love story! It’s really fun to read.

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