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Read these pairs of words and use them to complete the sentences below.
1)a)The examples ... in the text were very unusual.
b)The theatre ... \"Macdeth\"is closing its season.
2)a)We usually eat vegetables ... in the market.
b)The woman ... apples at the counter is my aunt.
3)a)Right before Christmas one can see groups of ... children collecting charity money.
b)A new song ... by a popular singer may soon become a hit.
4)a)On his desk stood a picture ... him and his family.
b)The film ... on Channel 1 at prime time was watched by millions of TV viewers.
5)a)It\'s difficult to say \"no\"to people ... for help.
b)The question ... by the child surprised the grown-ups.
6)a)The pupils ... for the examinations were given some extra classes.
b)I like soups ... by my mother and no one else\'s.
7)a)English ... in America sounds different from English ... in Britain.
b)People ... English have better possibilities to find a good job.
8)a)This dish ...with a lot of tomato ketchup is one of my favourite.
b)Children...a lot of junk food put their health at risk.
9)a)How can I love someone ... my birthday?
b)This story ... long ago was suddenly remembered and turned into a film.
10a)Children should be taught to be kind to each other.
b)People teaching good manners should have good manners themselves.

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