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1. Doctor Watson …… me in many of my cases. (help)
2. This is very good that you …… , my dear Watson. (come)
3. It’s clear that he …… a workman. (be)
4. Your right hand is larger than your left one. You …… with it, and so it is more developed. (work)
5. I …… tattoos: in fact, I …… a book about them. (study; write)
6. How do you know that I …… a lot recently? (write)
7. That means that your left arm and your right wrist …… on a desk. (rub)
1. Tom: ...... you (sunbathe)? Mary: Don’t be silly! It (rain) all day!
2. Olga (collect) badges since she left school. Now she (collect) so many that she doesn’t know where to put them.
3. Steve (be) a secretary for three years. Lately he (look) for a better post but so far he (not find) anything
4. You look tired. — Yes, I (play) tennis and I (not play) for years.
5. Mrs Jones (live) next door for quite a long time now but she never (say) more than ‘Good morning’ to me

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