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Indirect Speech . Перевод из косвенной речи в прямую.
Change into indirect speech:
1.The policeman says,\"Children, don\'t cross the road here !\"
2.The boy says ,\"When shall we have tea, Mom?\"
3.Mother says, \"Nick ,stop teasing your sister !\"
4.The coach says, \"Have you ever played basketball,boys?\"
5.The old woman says , \"Will you help me to carry the bag , sir ?\"
6.The little girl says , \"I like ice-cream more than anything else in the world\".
7.My friend says to me, \"Who told you such nonsense?\"
8.Granny says,\"Was it Monday yesterday ?\"
9.The teacher says,\" We shall write a test next week.\"
10.The woman says, \"Did you go to the concert yesterday, Mrs. Brown?\"

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