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Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense.
a. Emma _____ ( spend) every school holiday in Scotland.
b. Why are you under the table? _____ you _____ (look) for something?
c. In my country we _____ (not have) lessons on Saturday.
d. My wife _____ (not like) football, but I _____ (love) it.
e. I ____ (buy) a new pair of shoes yesterday. _____ you _____ (like) them?
f. Ian Fleming _____ (work) as a stockbroker when the Second World War _____ (start).
g. Margaretha Simons ____ (come) from Norway, but now she ____ (live) in Britain. She _____ (meet) her husband, Noel, while she ____ (learn) English in Cambridge.

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